Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Farfetch App reveal and GIVEAWAY!

Let’s all admit it! We may have spent a little too much on gifts this year for christmas, times like these, the days and hours are hectic and we may have a little less than 10 quid in the bank right now! I’m not at all surprised, now there’s New Year's Eve outfits to prepare for…that's if you’re not last minute because I sure definitely am! I am surely not the one to be running from store to store, website to website…catalogue to catalogue? Yes, I may admit i’m kind of — a little lazy when it comes to going out, I mean why? I can easily search through apps like Farfetch, (which I’m assuming you do know about), to find the perfect pieces during these hectic times, keyword hectic! 

Ever since I’ve teamed up with Farfetch, I have gotten the chance to explore the new app and trust me, you would need to download it on your device now! There are so many categories, designer shopping lists to choose from. I like how I have the option to  check up on the ‘new-in’ category on the homepage as well as some other sections such as their best sellers, essentials and SS16 Pre-Collections many more. You also have the chance to filter your results, say I want to check up on some new nike’s or a pair of converses, I can filter my results by the designer of course, colour, size and price range. Y’all need this app, saves time and energy instead of looking for your laptop or going on the computer, I can check up on the app during the middle of the night — when I’m not sleeping anyway. My wishlist is what helps me keep track on what I want, and as you can probably tell, I need to upgrade my shoe game, its pretty lacking at the moment! I also added in the only bag I can ever dream of… Givenchy, aaahhh! Long way to go till I can buy this bag — a girl can dream right?

Now let’s get to the fun part! The collaboration obviously doesn't end here, you as a reader have the opportunity to enter and win £400/$600 GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!! You can download the app on the app stores! I mean, who wouldn't like to build their wishlist and actually shop on the app using the voucher you have won?! 

Simply enter below


  1. nice post
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  2. Happy New Year to you my friend!! Farfetched is such a rad brand. I'm happy to see you are working with them ;) Yay for a give-away!! Presents don't have to end!!


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