Saturday, 8 November 2014

Sana'a Touchdown!

Hello Lovelies! 

I’m back with my first new post here, going to be categorised under the list ‘Travel’. I’m so excited to be posting my first ever ‘Travel’ post because lately, I've been talking non-stop about where I would want to visit. I’ve always wanted the see and experience places far away from home and I was  lucky enough to be travelling to two places this year. 


In the summer holidays (Far back— I know!) I went to visit my home country Yemen, because honestly I'm just a home girl at heart, And to say the least— it was the best this year. To top it all off, I got to spend 10 days in Dubai before travelling back home and back to studying. I would be lying if I said I wasn't dreading going back.Lets first talk about Yemen.We first touch-down in Sanaa, the capital city, and all the memories kept flooding back again. I honestly wasn't expecting for it to be all appealing and modern but i knew immediately, it felt like home. It took us forever to find a hotel with Wi-fi, because quite frankly, we couldn't live without it… 

My sister and I then settled in our hotel room temporarily because we knew we would be on the move again. Later that day, we decided to head out and eat dinner at a restaurant that was near us but didn't manage to find one that we liked. We hauled on a taxi and we finally managed to find a place more closer to home— i mean literally close to home, non-other than our favourite fast food chain— KFC.  We ordered the family bucket and super sized beverages, because after our endless and tiring trip, we were jet lagged and unbelievably Hungry!  After our little feast, we stopped at Baskin and Robbins and i was surprised to see it open at that time. I know what you must be thinking, KFC? Baskin and Robbins? , well believe it or not because it was a surprise to us.too We stayed in Sanaa for around four days before meeting up my dad in Aden as he travelled a few weeks before we came out. My first impressions on Aden, lets just say it was far worse than i was expecting. It was SO hot, and it left me nothing but dehydration. 

I didn't imagine for Aden to be as hot as it was and it honestly wasn't  great experience. we stayed in Aden the whole trip and luckily it got better as each day passed on. we, as a family went to visit places like: Aden Mall, Bahar Arousa (The Beach), Madinah Al Qadra (The Green city, Where our home is in fact), Sheikh, Aden crater, and many more! We honestly stayed there for a long time, and i was missing home immensely. When we were departing from Yemen, i was so excited to leave and go on our next trip, Dubai. But, I honestly was homesick and the thought of staying for longer made me a bit impatient. But, now I really miss Yemen, visiting my family and meeting new people. it honestly was an experience I could not forget….

Thank you, Raqda!   Pictures of my trip are down below!

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