Sunday, 5 October 2014

Blue's Woo's

I've had a great Saturday yesterday, hanging out, and enjoying the company with many of my friends and family! Due to it being Eid yesterday, I woke up terribly late which didn't start my day off properly. Normally, I'm an early riser and I start my day off with a bitter black coffee to get me into the mood for the day, but that didn't technically occur on a Saturday morning...

My Sister and I first visited my Grandma (My Dad's Side),cousins and Aunties, because I guess were used to doing that every Eid. After a few hours, we then all went together to visit my other Auntie (My Dad's Sister) and the fun I guess progressed from there.

Coming from a Yemeni background (Dad’s Side –– Again!) We had a very Traditional meal stuffing ourselves with slap-up meals and treats, we indulged ourselves with ‘Mandhi,Hulba, Bint Al Sahn’ and ‘Khubz’. We were stuffed that day…

I then visited family friends, who were dearest to us and practically our ‘Aunties’. That's when the festivities rolled around at 10pm. We were listening to many Arabic songs as well as a few English… Their Motto “Pick a song, you Have to dance!’’ There was no escaping whether you've picked a song or not.

To say that day was a Blast! And never experienced anything like it… Coming home after, was an experience to talk about. After I jumped into bed, Makeup free and wearing PJ's, I ended off the day , quenching myself with a sweet homemade baklava given by my Auntie…

And That's how my day went, Love to hear about yours! Scroll for Outfit info <3

Jumper: H&M
Necklace: Gift (Similar one here)
Pleated Skirt: Dubai (Similar one at ASOS)
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