Sunday, 5 October 2014

Black On Black

Okay so, first post up, and I'm feeling a little bit daring wearing an all black outfit, — but hey its Monday! Just give me a little bit of credit for me having to get up at sunset. Black on Black on Black on Black………. *brain freeze*

Back to it being Monday, I think its everyone's excuse to have a bad outfit day or hair day which ever suits you more. But honestly I think I've just pulled it off. Majority of the people avoid wearing an all black outfit, because no.1 it does attract the unwanted attention of the sun. Furthermore, it doesn't give you much credit for putting on an outfit together on a day out, or just hanging out with friends. Most people do prefer to wear colours than dark pieces, because I guess it makes you 'stand' out more, but honestly I don't really mind.....
My general 'Pick an Outfit' revolves around one piece of garment, and I work my
out from there: What top to match? What jewellery to accessorise it with? Mainly decisions like that.

But looking at today's outfit post, it was easy to choose....
 I’m wearing a black plain blouse I have purchased a while ago, but do not be alarmed, this blouse is practically everywhere in all the high streets stores. I paired it with a plain black maxi skirt and surprise, surprise –– a black blazer.

Scroll below to see where i purchased it from…

Have a great day!

Top: Unknown (Similar one at Zara)
Blazer: Note Shop Once I Find it
Headscarf: Plain Black From Dubai
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